Virtual Reality Game



30 min

Time Limit


/ VR Player

3901 Providence Rd. S Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173 United States


These are not “escape room” games. These are something completely new. Even more immersive. Even more realistic.

In this room are two different “virtual reality” experiences for two or three players. You’ll be wearing VR goggles with headphones, which will put you into a completely new environment. Plus, you’ll have body-motion sensors on your hands and feet – along with the one in your headset – which allows you to see your entire body as well as seeing your teammates.

And, unlike most other VR setups, you’re “untethered” — completely wireless. You can roam freely in the game’s environment. You are IN your virtual world!

These games are “PG-12” – only people 12 years old or older can play. The nature of the games, and the expensive equipment used, requires this restriction.

The actual games take about 30 minutes to play, and with the orientation, gearing up, playing, taking a photo, and taking off all the gear, you can plan to be here for about an hour.

• Strictly no alcohol before the game. In case of alcohol or drug intoxication, your game will be canceled.
• Comfortable clothing and footwear for active games. No heels for ladies.

This game is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where most people have been turned into zombies because of nuclear fallout radiation. You and your friends have avoided that fate and have finally made it to the extraction point, but must defend yourselves from the zombies until the helicopter arrives to take you to safety. Be prepared to sweat, shoot, yell, heal your friends, engage in hand-to-hand combat — and love every minute!

Do you like games like Counter-strike or Quake Arena? Or maybe you are a fan of laser-tag or air-soft? Or, you've already played a ton of VR games, got tired of stupid zombies, and are looking for a REAL challenge? We have something to offer! “Shmooter” is a death-match arena in a cyberpunk style. It’s player versus player! Robots and humans started the war and now you are one of them! You have to use the system of teleports and elevators to move between towers and floors. You need to find and shoot your enemies before they shoot you. Oh, and you will love the rocket launcher—if you can get it!