Extraction Point



60 min

Time Limit


/ 2 Players

3901-E Providence Rd. S Waxhaw North Carolina 28173 United States


2041. The world has been in ruins for several years after the nuclear war. Radiation has affected all living creatures, turning those who survived into irradiated mutants. Some people have not been affected – including you, a group of tired and hungry travelers who are on their way to a military base which is protected and free from radiation. In your search for shelter from irradiated pursuers, you have arrived at the extraction point – a protected zone in an abandoned factory complex – and are awaiting the helicopter that will take you to safety.

This is a hour-long experience for up to three players. You play in Virtual Reality, walk around the room with guns, see your hands and legs, see your teammates, and fight together against eight types of enemies.

This game is “PG-12” – only people 12 years old or older can play. The nature of the game, and the expensive equipment used, requires this restriction.